Tap Into Your Ancestral Intelligence With

Constellation Healing Oracle Cards

I’m thrilled to announce my newest Constellation Innovation:
Constellation Healing Oracle Cards

Open up to your Ancestral Intelligence hidden in the “Knowing Field.” Gain deep insights with the thoughtful definitions and guidance on the back of every card. Recreate the experience of Constellation Healing on your own or in a group with friends. Explore your highest intention and release your unconscious inherited patterns to get the most out of your precious life!


The Constellation Healing Oracle Cards
Field Guide Book

Use the guide to help you create the best card spread to meet your goals.
At the end of each chapter, we included the Bow and Release Process to show you how to complete each reading with honor, respect, and closure.

Choose certainty over confusion – Get your Constellation Healing Oracle Cards today.

Constellation Healing Oracle Cards Available Now

Stunning 70-Card Deck includes a Field Guide Book of readings and real-life stories to show you exactly how to use the deck
to explore your ancestral history and resolve any and all issues.


Schedule a Private, One-on-One, Video Call Reading with Master Facilitator Gary Stuart!

Private video call readings with Gary Stuart are available: EMAIL GARY or call 888.979.3006 to schedule your reading today.

GARY STUART, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Master Constellation Facilitator, Speaker, has facilitated over 10,000 Constellation Healing Experiences during his twenty-plus years’ career.

Gary designed these cards with you in mind. His mission— encouraging the spread of transformational healing to support the rising consciousness of all beings at this precipitous time on Earth.

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